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State statutes require the signature and seal of a licensed registered professional for all buildings of any use group other than single-family residential [R-3] or agricultural greater than 5, sq. Future revisions were limited to occur not more than every four years thereafter. Enforcement Process The state building inspector enforces compliance for state-owned buildings and local code officials enforce compliance for all other buildings.

On July 8,a state bill HB to update the state energy code and to create green building standards was passed by the legislature and signed by Gov.

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Connecticut will automatically go to the IECC within 18 months of its printing. State Of Connecticut, became effective December 31, and applied to all building permits applied for on or after that date.

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The bill required the state building inspector and the Codes and Standards Committee to revise the State Building Code. These regulations were approved with technical corrections by the Regulation Review Committee on August 25, and submitted to the Secretary of State as required under the Connecticut General Statutes Sec.

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Compliance Process Compliance is determined through construction documents submitted to the local building official showing detailed building data, features, and equipment systems governed under the code. Variances and interpretations of the code are granted through the Department of Public Safety.

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Background Inlegislation was passed requiring that the State Building and Fire Safety Codes promote and ensure the design and construction of energy-conserving buildings and the use of renewable resources. Once approved, the amendments become part of the state building code and are applied statewide.

On June 4,the governor signed Public Act into law that required all buildings except residential buildings with less than five units that are projected to cost five million or more to qualify for a LEED-Silver rating or an equivalent standard, such as a two-globe rating under the Green Globes USA design program.

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The same is required of renovation projects that are expected to cost two million or more. Inprovisions were included in the enabling legislation requiring revision of the state building code no later than July, in order to incorporate necessary BOCA International revisions into the state building code.

Adoption Process The state building code, including any amendments to the code adopted by the state building inspector and Codes and Standards Committee, is the building code for all towns, cities, and boroughs in the state.

Any town, city, borough, or interested person may propose amendments to the state building code.

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The regulations address the construction of 1 a State agency facility projected to cost five million dollars or more and for which all budgeted bond funds are allocated by the State Bond Commission on or after January 1, ; 2 renovation of a State agency facility projected to cost two million dollars or more and utilizing two million dollars of state funds approved and funded after January cash credit is a secured loan 3 new construction of a facility projected to cost greater than five million dollars of which a least two million dollars is state funds and is authorized by the General Assembly pursuant to Chapter on or after January 1, ; and 4 renovation of a public school facility as defined in subdivision 18 of section that is projected to cost two million dollars or more, all of which is state funding, and is authorized by the General Assembly pursuant to chapter on or after January 1, must comply with state regulations.